Rules for participation

Rules for submitting admission and participation in the CEE Automotive Day

  • The registration is online only. Each interested company fills its English profile, submitting information on the participant/participants, type of needed components, parts or services and/or provided products and services
  • Each profile is checked and validated (or not) by the service administrator. Companies are notified about the acceptance of submission via e-mail
  • Complete company profile data is only available for registered and logged-in participants
  • In order to select the most appropriate companies for B2B talks, use the search function
  • After entering an interesting profile of a potential interlocutor, the participant may send an invitation by pressing the “Invite” button
  • The participant will receive all of his B2B talks invitations via e-mail. It is possible to confirm and refuse such invitation (“Accept” or “Reject” buttons). Meeting reservations/confirmations are on a first come - first serve basis.
  • Every newly-registered company is marked as “NEW” on the list of participants for 7 days from the registration date
  • Each round of talks is 20 minutes long
  • The maximum number of confirmed meetings is 20 rounds over the span of two days; the final number, however, depends on many factors, such as the activity of the company sending out invitations.
  • In case of a smaller number of meetings, the organiser does not guarantee that all meetings will take place on the same day or in a row, in subsequent rounds.
  • Profile information can be updated at any given time
  • After closing the list of B2B meetings, each participant may generate a pdf file containing the schedule of set meetings (meeting hour, table number and the name of the interlocutor company).


14 January 2020 launching of Automotive CEE Day 2020 platform
by 12 June 2020 on-line registration of companies and arrangement of meetings between the participants
12 June 2020 meetings arrangement closing
15 June 2020 providing individual meetings schedules to participants of Automotive CEE Day 2020
18-19 June 2020 Automotive CEE Day 2020


Why participate?

Automotive CEE Day gives you the opportunity to:

  • present your production, co-operation and service capabilities
  • meeting new European partners
  • meeting even a dozen or more potential clients or suppliers during one day - which substantially saves time and money
  • benefit from available exhibition stands - additional presentation of co-operation offers
  • informal talks during the evening reception for meeting conclusion sp.j.
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